Detroit vs UNCW (Feb 08, 2013)

Box Score

2013 UNCW softball
Detroit at UNCW
Feb 08, 2013 at Wilmington, N.C. (Boseman Field)

Detroit 0 (0-2)

Player   ab    r    h  rbi   bb   so   po    a  lob 
SCHAUB, Alyssa cf 
CUPP, Sara 1b 
KOSTICH, Kayla c 
SEVERSON, Katy rf 
McGAHUEY, Christa 3b/dp 
GIETL, Alyssa dp 
   HENDERSON, Sam 3b 
Garcia 2b 
   STEFFEL, Katelyn ph 
HOLMES, Dani ss 
   WOLSCHLEGER, Samanth ph 
HOFFMAN, Kat lf 
MAKSYM, Julia p 
   McCARTY, Karyn p 
   BONDY, Anna p 
Totals  16  14 

UNCW 8 (1-0)

Player   ab    r    h  rbi   bb   so   po    a  lob 
McCann, Morgan cf 
Shue, KC c 
Buckworth, Lauryn 3b 
   Poplin, Olivia pr 
Critcher, Jordan 1b 
Rappe, Jessica 2b 
Rowland, Casey p 
Moose, CJ dp 
Brown, Erin rf 
Wagner, Camry ss 
   Jernigan, Kristen ph 
Matkins, Taylor lf/pr 
Totals  20  15 

Score by Innings               R  H  E
Detroit............. 000 00 -  0  1  2
UNCW................ 021 32 -  8  9  1

Note: 2 outs, 2 runners LOB when the game ended.

E - KOSTICH; Garcia; Critcher. LOB - Detroit 3; UNCW 7. 2B - Shue 2. HBP - SCHAUB; Wagner. SH - Brown. SB - SCHAUB; McCann; Critcher; Rowland; Brown 2; Matkins. CS - McGAHUEY; Poplin; Critcher.

Detroit   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
MAKSYM, Julia L,0-1  2.0  11  47 
McCARTY, Karyn   1.1  26 
BONDY, Anna   1.0  29 
McGAHUEY, Christa   0.1  24 
UNCW   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
Rowland, Casey W,1-0  5.0  16  18  69 

Win - Rowland (1-0). Loss - MAKSYM (0-1). Save - None. HBP - by Rowland (SCHAUB); by McCARTY (Wagner). Pitches/strikes: MAKSYM 47/25; McCARTY 26/14; BONDY 29/12; McGAHUEY 24/12; Rowland 69/45.

Umpires - HP: Tim Inman 1B: Jeff Jordan 3B: Robert Burrell
Start: 3:21 pm Time: 5:20 Attendance: 225
Weather: 54 Clear Wind to CF 10
MAKSYM faced 1 batter in the 3rd.


2013 UNCW softball
Detroit at UNCW
Feb 08, 2013 at Wilmington, N.C. (Boseman Field)

Detroit starters: 1/cf SCHAUB; 12/1b CUPP; 5/c KOSTICH; 19/rf SEVERSON; 8/3b McGAHUEY; 10/dp GIETL; 0/2b Garcia; 2/ss HOLMES; 7/lf HOFFMAN; 11/p MAKSYM;

UNCW starters: 22/cf McCann; 4/c Shue; 12/3b Buckworth; 15/1b Critcher; 3/2b Rappe; 5/p Rowland; 20/dp Moose; 11/rf Brown; 14/ss Wagner; 1/lf Matkins;

Detroit 1st - SCHAUB flied out to lf (0-1). CUPP struck out swinging (1-2). KOSTICH singled to shortstop (1-2). SEVERSON popped up to p (1-1). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

UNCW 1st - McCann singled to pitcher, bunt (3-2). McCann stole second. Shue reached on a fielder's choice (2-2); McCann out at third ss to 3b. Buckworth popped up to 1b (1-2). Critcher walked (3-2); Shue advanced to second. Rappe fouled out to 3b (1-2). 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Detroit 2nd - McGAHUEY reached on a muffed throw by 1b, assist by ss (0-0). McGAHUEY out at second c to ss, caught stealing. GIETL grounded out to 2b (3-2). Garcia struck out swinging (1-2). 0 runs, 0 hits, 1 error, 0 LOB.

UNCW 2nd - Rowland singled down the lf line (1-0). Moose struck out swinging (1-2). Brown singled to center field (3-1); Rowland advanced to second. Wagner struck out swinging (1-2). Brown stole second, scored, unearned; Rowland stole third, scored on a throwing error by c, unearned. McCann walked (3-0). McCann runner left early, out at first 1b unassisted. 2 runs, 2 hits, 1 error, 0 LOB.

Detroit 3rd - HOLMES grounded out to p (1-1). HOFFMAN struck out swinging (2-2). SCHAUB hit by pitch (1-0). SCHAUB stole second. CUPP walked (3-1). KOSTICH flied out to cf (2-2). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

UNCW 3rd - Shue doubled to left field (1-1). McCARTY to p for MAKSYM. Buckworth flied out to cf (2-0); Shue advanced to third. Critcher singled to left field, RBI (3-1); Shue scored. Critcher stole second. Rappe walked (3-2). Rappe advanced to second; Critcher out at third c to 3b, caught stealing. Rowland flied out to cf (0-1). 1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

Detroit 4th - SEVERSON grounded out to ss (0-0). McGAHUEY struck out swinging (2-2). GIETL struck out swinging (2-2). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

UNCW 4th - McGAHUEY to dp. HENDERSON to 3b for GIETL. Moose singled to left field (1-2). Matkins pinch ran for Moose. / for Matkins. Brown grounded out to 3b, SAC, bunt (0-1); Matkins advanced to second. Wagner hit by pitch (2-0). McCann reached on a fielding error by 2b (0-0); Wagner advanced to second; Matkins scored. BONDY to p for McCARTY. Shue singled to left field (1-1); McCann advanced to second; Wagner advanced to third. Buckworth singled through the right side, 2 RBI (3-2); Shue advanced to third; McCann scored, unearned; Wagner scored, unearned. Poplin pinch ran for Buckworth. Poplin out at second c to ss, caught stealing. Critcher walked (3-1). Rappe struck out swinging (3-2). 3 runs, 3 hits, 1 error, 2 LOB.

Detroit 5th - Buckworth to 3b for Poplin. Moose to dp for Matkins. STEFFEL pinch hit for Garcia. STEFFEL flied out to cf (2-2). WOLSCHLEGER pinch hit for HOLMES. WOLSCHLEGER struck out swinging (0-2). HOFFMAN struck out swinging (1-2). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

UNCW 5th - Garcia to 2b for STEFFEL. HOLMES to ss for WOLSCHLEGER. Rowland struck out looking (2-2). Matkins to lf for Moose. Matkins walked (3-0). McGAHUEY to p. / for BONDY. Brown walked (3-2); Matkins advanced to second. Jernigan pinch hit for Wagner. Brown stole second; Matkins stole third. Jernigan walked (3-2). Wagner to ss for Jernigan. McCann struck out swinging (2-2). Shue doubled to left center, 2 RBI (2-2); Wagner advanced to third; Brown scored; Matkins scored. 2 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 2 LOB.