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University Learning Center  

Tutoring and Learning Center 


The Writing Center offers assistance with writing and reading assignment.

1st Floor Westside Hall, 962-7857, E-mail:

M - Th 8am-9pm, Fri 8am-5pm, Sun 3pm-9pm,

Appointments are recommended


The Learning Center provides tutoring services in Basic Studies Courses;

Test preparation, note taking, time management and other study skills

1st Floor Westside Hall, 962-7857, E-mail:

M - Th 8am-9pm, Fri 8am-5pm, Sun 3pm-9pm

Tutoring by appointment only


Supplemental Instruction (SI) is series of peer-facilitated group

study sessions. SI supports courses that are traditionally more

difficult. Trained leaders work with current students on what to

learn and how to learn it.


The Math Lab makes help available in Basic Studies

Mathematics & Statistics Courses: (MAT 101 - 152 and STT 210 & 215)

Students can visit the Learning Lab to work on Math and ask the available tutors questions. Math tutors will help you with problems, concepts, and test preparation.

1st Floor Westside Hall, 962-7857, E-mail:

M - Th 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-2pm, Sun 3pm-8pm


For help in upper-division Math courses, please visit the

Math Department in Bear Hall, Room 101


Having Trouble Deciding About Your Future?

Career Services, Modular Unit #1, 962-3174, Mon - Th,

7:30 am-5:00 pm Fri 7:30 - 11:30 am, walk-in Mon - Fri 2-4:30pm,



Great Links: Self Assessment, Explore/Research Careers,

What Can I Do With a Major In...?


Do You Have Concerns?

Think you may need someone to talk with?

Contact the Counseling Center; 2nd Floor Westside Hall,

962-3746, M-F 8am-5pm


For crisis and emergency consultation after hours call the

Crisis Line at 910-392-7408


Do You Have a Learning Disability or Attention

Deficit Disorder?

Contact Disability Services, 1st Floor Westside Hall, 962-7555