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Academic Advising 

The Student-Athletic Academic Support Program offers academic advising and support to help student-athlete successfully meet the demands of their athletic and academic schedules. The Assistant Athletic Director for Academics meets with all student-athletes on a regular basis to assist in their academic success and monitor their progress toward a degree.  Your degree will consist of your basic studies courses, major courses, electives and/or minor coursework.           

The Assistant Athletic Director for Academics serves as the primary advisor for all student-athletes.  Advisees will meet with the Assistant Athletic Director for Academics during pre-registration.  Pre-registration is the period of time in the semester during which currently enrolled students sign up for the next semester's courses. As required by the university, all student-athletes are required to meet with their assigned academic advisor before they can register for courses. For additional information on pre-registration, click here.

For freshmen and undeclared sophomore student-athletes personal assistance is provided in selecting courses toward completion of the University College educational program. The program's primary objective is to assist students toward completing basic studies. Special emphasis is placed on the first and second years of study when student-athletes are expected to work toward fulfilling the basic studies requirements
as outlined in the university catalog. Access the Unviersity Catalogue for more information by clicking here.

Basic Studies

Basic Studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is defined as the acquisition of essential skills and an introduction to the broad spectrum of studies which are basic to your intellectual and cultural heritage.  The program is designed to develop skills in comprehension, composition, reasoning and analysis; to introduce students to the structure,methodology and knowledge of academic disciplines; and to address important human concerns from discipline or interdisciplinary perspectives.

During the first year and half to two years your schedule will
consist of Basic Studies Courses. You must complete 45 credit hours to complete the basic studies requirement.You must complete at least one course in each section of basic studies sheet.

Please see the Basic Studies Handout for more information by clicking here.

Declaring a Major

The minimum requirement to declare most majors at UNCW is to have earned (passed) 24 semester hours; some majors have additional
admissions requirements. Most students declare a major at the end of
their freshman year or the beginning of their sophomore year.
Undergraduate students must declare and be accepted into a major field
of study before or during the semester that they complete 45 semester
hours of credit.  Per NCAA rules, all student-athletes entering their 3rd
year of enrollment must declare a major to remain eligible to compete.

Student-athletes who declare a major will be assigned to a major advisor.  The Assistant Athletic Director for Academics will continue to serve as an advisor but in a secondary role while continuing to monitor eligibility and academic progress.

Requirements for Graduation

Students may qualify for the bachelor's degree by successfully completing:

(1) the basic studies requirements

(2) the residency requirement

(3) an approved course of study in an academic major

(4) a minimum of 124 semester hours of credit, and

(5) a minimum grade point average of 2.00.

If you have additional questions or need information, please contact the following administration staff in the Department of Student-Athlete Academic Support: 

Melissa Lewis 
Assistant Athletic Director for Academics
 (W) 910-962-3001




   Academic Coordinator 


  Rodney Young
Academic Coordinator 
(W) 910-962-4179