What do you love about your major? Why did you choose it?

What I love most about my major is the out of class experience and hands on activities that Recreation and Tourism Management brings. I chose this major because I felt that it suited my personality and skills the best. Recreation and tourism management was a great fit for me in that I love to teach, help, and interact with other people. I have had the privilege of working with great people and organizations around the Wilmington area who are in the Recreation field. My professors at UNCW do a great job of forcing their students to develop and practice their skills outside of the classroom, along with marketing themselves and meeting new people in the job field. I realize that these out of class assignments will help set myself above others when applying for jobs in the near future.

How has being a student athlete enhanced your academics?  Your role as a leader?

I have always taken pride in being a student athlete; I also firmly believe that the word "student" is placed in front of "athlete" for a reason. Having to juggle baseball and academics forces me to use my time extremely wisely, along with being very organized. I realize that my performance in the classroom is equally as important as my performance on the diamond. My development as a leader at UNCW has revolved around my understanding that student-athletes represent the university and must hold themselves to a higher standard than of the typical student. As a baseball player, it is important that I realize my decisions directly reflect myself, the baseball program, and our university.

What academic highlight has prepared you well for your career?

So far throughout my major I have taken many classes that I have thought will help me in my future career. Possibly the most beneficial class and academic highlight has taken place during this current semester. I have had the privilege of fulfilling my required 100 hours of fieldwork for this specific class by shadowing and working with the baseball coaching staff at UNCW. This experience has helped develop my skills as a baseball coach in many different ways and I continue to learn more every day. I feel very blessed to be able to work with such a highly talented group of coaches who run a top notch baseball program.

What are your plans upon graduation?

After graduation I would love to be able to stay in the game of baseball as a coach. I believe that my knowledge and passion for the game could help any baseball program. Ideally, I would love to start my career as a coach here at UNCW and continue to work my way up in the program as opportunities arise. I have built a strong relationship and connection with this program, and I want to continue to contribute after my career as a player is over.

What about you would be important for a scholarship donor to know that would encourage him/her to give again?

My scholarship to this university has helped fund the best four years of my entire life. I now consider Wilmington to be my home in that I have built such strong relationships with the town of Wilmington, the University, and the baseball program. Through my scholarship, I have been provided with every opportunity to learn and develop as a man, leader, and teammate. I have no doubt that the skills and lessons learned here at UNCW will be carried with me throughout the rest of my life.