Ten Questions with Keith Rendleman
By Jordan Wilkins

Q. We understand you recently returned from playing in the Korean Basketball League. What was it like?

A.   Overall, my time there was good. It was nice to experience a new country and culture. The fans are great over there, and they can't get enough basketball and great competition. 

Q.  How was the team you played for?

A.   The team was good, but we struggled. We had some issues with injuries and coaching. The players were really welcoming and we all got along well.

Q.  What type of role did you have on the team?

A.   My role was to use my athletic ability to the max. I was used on a lot of pick and rolls and rebounding. I was also able to get out and run the break. Being able to take big guys, and I would the dribble. Be faster than the rest.

Q.  How was playing basketball in Korea different from playing in the United States?

A.   The main difference was how well they can shoot. They really stuck to the fundamentals and can shoot the ball really well from anywhere.

Q.  What was the most difficult part about playing in Korea?

A.   I guess the most difficult part was just adjusting to the physical play. They are less physical and can get called for fouls for anything. I found out my first two games and playing normal defense that I couldn't play as rough.

Q.  What was the highlight of your time in Korea?

A.   I'd say my highlight was the excitement that the fans provide every day. They are really great and I really appreciated their support. 

Q.  What are your future plans?

A.   I’m going to try to get on a summer league here. If not, I’d like to play somewhere overseas. 

Q. What was the first thing you did once you returned home?

A.   The first thing I did was spend time with my family, friends and girlfriend. Then, I bought a new car.

Q.  What was the biggest adjustment you had to make after traveling to Korea?

A.   The biggest adjustment was the time difference. For about a week, I was fighting sleep every day.

Q.  What advice do you have for those seeking a professional playing career?

A.   I’d say work hard and take advantage of the every opportunity. Also, it’s important to drive yourself to be better than others.