Indonesian Bobby Guntoro, a junior on the men's swimming and diving team, recently sat down with sports information intern Kristina Morrison to discuss UNCW's successful program and life in the United States.

Kristina Morrison: You're currently a member of the school-record  200 Medley Relay, 800 Freestyle Relay and 200 Freestyle Relay teams. How did it feel when you beat those records?

Bobby Guntoro: I was obviously pretty proud of myself. The previous holders were great swimmers. I'm thankful, of course, to my teammates because they're gotten me here.

KM: Which one meant the most to you?

BG: The most important to me was probably the 200 Freestyle Relay. We broke the record held by Dan Gallagher, who placed forth in the nation when he swam. We broke the conference record, which was unexpected.

KM: You rank on UNCW's top 10 lists in 200 IM (second), 100 Butterfly (fourth) and 100 Backstroke (forth), and you're only a junior. Do you have high expectations in your senior year?

BG: Definitely. Matt Allen is the schools' record holder in the 200 IM and I'm second. I really want to get that record before I graduate and set the bar as high as I can.

KM: When did you start swimming?

BG: I started swimming competitively when I was 12. My parents introduced me to swimming because I enjoy competing against other people. I won my first national age group title back when I was 12, and since then I realized that I could go somewhere with my swimming.

KM: Did you always know you wanted to swim in college?

BG: No, not at all. When I was 15 I made the national team in Indonesia. From there I was offered an opportunity to swim at a high school in the United States. Everyone there was focused on swimming and gearing toward college. I was recruited to three different schools when I found UNCW. I loved the environment here and the sports teams were very cool. There was an emphasis on education as well as excelling at sports, which I really liked.

KM: Who has been your biggest supporter?

BG: My parents. They still live in Indonesia and haven't been able to make it here for a meet, but we talk on the phone before every meet.

KM: What is your favorite event to swim?

BG: 100 Backstroke. Backstroke is my favorite event because of the underwater kicking during the race. We are allowed to do 15 yards underwater kicking off each wall in backstroke events, and that is where I get most of my speed which allows me to separate myself from other swimmers.

KM: A lot of the events you swim are relays when you swim with three other guys. Is it easier to swim by yourself or to rely on others?

BG: Everyone has to swim individually. You swim four individuals and four relays. When you swim a relay the whole team supports you. I feel like I'm a completely different person, and I like that support.

KM: Who have you bonded with most on the team?

BG: My roommates Tucker (Waldron) and Luke (Murphy). It's competitive when we step out onto the block and it's every man for himself, but it's a positive competitiveness.

KM: What gets you pumped up for a meet?

BG: I like to compete with others. I don't really have a ritual, but I like to listen to music. I'm listening to techno right now.

KM: If you weren't swimming what would you be doing?

BG: I probably would be back home in Indonesia. And working, of course. I hope I can find a job in my degree area and stay here for another five more years after I graduate.