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Outside Competition/Summer Leagues

Courtesy: UNCW Athletic Communications  
Release: 07/22/2009
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Outside Competition

Outside Competition is athletics competition against any other athletics team (including an alumni team) that does not represent the intercollegiate athletics program of the same institution.

Exceptions to Outside-Competition Regulations

The following exceptions to the outside-competition regulations are permitted for all sports. A student-athlete may:


High-School Alumni Game.  A student-athlete may compete in one game a year involving players from the student-athlete's former high school and its alumni team. In sports other than basketball, this game must take place during an official vacation period of the institution's academic year.


Olympic Games.  A student-athlete may participate in the official Olympic Games, in final tryouts that directly qualify competitors for the Olympic Games, and in officially recognized competition directly qualifying participants for final Olympic Games tryouts.


Official Pan American Games Tryouts and Competition.  A student-athlete may participate in official Pan American Games tryouts and competition.


U.S. National Teams.  A student-athlete may participate in official tryouts and competition involving national teams sponsored by the appropriate national governing bodies of the U.S. Olympic Committee (or, for the student-athletes representing another nation, the equivalent organization of that nation or, for student-athletes competing in a non-Olympic sport, the equivalent organization of that sport).


Official World Championships, World University Games, and World Cup Tryouts and Competition.  A student-athlete may participate in official World Championships, World University Games and World Cup tryouts and competition.


Multisport Events.  A student-athlete may participate in officially recognized state and national multisport events.


Competition as Individual/Not Representing Institution

It is permissible for a student-athlete to participate in outside competition as an individual during the academic year in the student-athlete's sport, as long as the student-athlete represents only himself or herself in the competition and does not engage in such competition as a member of or receive expenses from an outside team.


Participation in outside competition may affect a student-athlete's eligibility in a variety of ways depending on the sport and classification of the institution.  A UNCW student-athlete must adhere to the following NCAA rules:


Sports Other Than Basketball

A student-athlete who participates during the academic year as a member of any outside team in any non-collegiate, amateur competition becomes ineligible for intercollegiate competition in that sport for the remainder of the year and for the next academic year.  A student-athlete may practice on such a team.



A student-athlete may compete outside of the institution's declared playing and practice season as a member of an outside team in any non-collegiate, amateur competition during any official vacation period provided the number of student-athletes from any one institution shall not exceed the applicable limits.


Women’s Soccer and Volleyball

A student-athlete may compete outside of the institution's declared playing and practice season as a member of an outside team in any non-collegiate, amateur competition, provided:


·         Such participation occurs no earlier than May 1;

·         The number of student-athletes from any one institution does not exceed the applicable;

·       The competition is approved by the director of athletics (via the compliance office);

·         No class time is missed for practice activities or for competition; and

·         In the sport of women's volleyball, all practice and competition is confined to doubles tournaments in outdoor volleyball, either on sand or grass.



A student-athlete who participates in any non-UNCW organized basketball competition becomes ineligible for any further intercollegiate competition in the sport of basketball.  Outside basketball competition, including competition involving teams with fewer than five players, shall be considered "organized" if any one of the following conditions exists:


·         Teams are regularly formed or team rosters are predetermined;

·         Competition is scheduled and publicized in advance;

·         Official score is kept;

·         Individual or team standings are maintained;

·         Official timer or game officials are used;

·         Team uniforms are used;

·         Admission is charged;

·         A team is privately or commercially sponsored; or

·      Competition is either directly or indirectly sponsored, promoted or administered by an individual, an organization or any other agency.


Exceptions for Basketball Only:


Summer League

A student-athlete may compete during the period between June 15 and August 31 on a team in a league provided the student-athlete has received written permission from the institution's athletics director (or the director's official representative), via the compliance office, prior to participation in the league.  If the student-athlete is transferring and has been officially accepted for enrollment in a second institution, and if the previous institution certifies that the student has withdrawn and does not intend to return to that institution for the next term, this written permission is to be obtained from the member institution to which the student-athlete is transferring.  Under such circumstances, the student-athlete does not count on the summer-league roster as a representative of either institution.


Puerto Rico Superior Basketball League

A student-athlete who is a resident of Puerto Rico may participate in the Superior Basketball League of Puerto Rico.


United States vs. U.S. National Teams

A student-athlete may participate in the United States against U.S. national teams.


Outside-Team Tours

A student-athlete may participate in an outside team summer foreign basketball tour.


Collegiate All-Star Contests

A student-athlete who competes as a member of a squad in any college all-star basketball contest shall be denied further intercollegiate eligibility in that sport.


Sanctioned Outside-Team Tours

An outside team that includes student-athletes from more than one member institution may participate in international competition in any sport on a foreign tour. However, any such outside team that includes more than the following number of student-athletes from the same member institution must be certified by the institution.


  Number of student-athletes from the same institution who can compete for an

  outside team:














Cross Country








Track and Field



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