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Financial Aid

Courtesy: UNCW Athletic Communications  
Release: 07/22/2009
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NCAA Financial Aid Rules

Athletics scholarships are not entitlements.  They are initially awarded based upon athletics ability and on the condition that the recipient satisfy academic eligibility requirements and participate in the sport for the entire award period.  After fulfilling the award period, an athletics scholarship may be renewed, non-renewed, or reduced based upon the recommendation of the head coach.  Non-athletics scholarships are awarded conditionally and renewed only after the student has satisfied specific criteria established by the awarding agency.  It is consistent and reasonable to expect that student-athletes be required to meet minimum athletics standards before athletics aid is renewed for subsequent years.

Award Period

Athletics scholarships may not be awarded or guaranteed for a period longer than one academic year but may be renewed on an annual basis for a maximum of four years.


Criteria for Non-Renewal

While specific criteria exist for reducing or cancelling financial aid during the award period, there are no corresponding criteria for renewal or non-renewal beyond the one-year award period.  The decision to renew or not renew and the criteria for making such decisions are left to each institution.


Maximum Scholarship Limit

Each team is limited to a maximum number of athletics scholarships.  However, the amount of scholarship money allotted per team depends on the institution’s budget. 


Notification Requirement

Student-athletes with eligibility remaining must be notified in writing annually, not later than July 1, whether their athletics scholarship will be renewed, non-renewed, or renewed but reduced.


Hearing Opportunity

A student-athlete whose aid is reduced or not renewed must be notified in writing by the Director of Financial Aid that he/she has the opportunity to a hearing before an institutional committee composed of individuals outside the athletics department


Consequences of a Successful Appeal

If a student-athlete's appeal is successful, financial aid will be restored in the amount received the previous year and count against team financial aid limits.  However, team membership and participation opportunities will remain the decision of the head coach.  In cases where a successful appeal places the institution over the NCAA scholarship limit in that sport, the institution will be penalized with the loss of twice the number of scholarships (or equivalencies) the subsequent year.

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