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Academic Support Services  

The Assistant Athletic Director for Academics, in consultation with the Director for Compliance, monitors student-athletes’ academic progress for University, CAA and NCAA eligibility; however, student-athletes must assume final responsibility for meeting and satisfying eligibility and graduation requirements.
Any student-athlete who has less than a 2.25 gpa or is considered academically at-risk must meet weekly with the Assistant Athletic Director for Academics or academic staff.  All grades, class attendance, and assignments are recorded and study strategies and skills are discussed.  The coaches receive weekly academic status reports on each individual.

Individual tutoring is available for all basic studies courses through the Learning Center, except for math and statistics courses. Tutoring may be requested for courses outside of the basic studies curriculum and are granted when available. Student-athletes requesting a tutor must complete a “Tutor Request” form and meet with the Learning Center staff to review responsibilities and procedures for having an assigned tutor. 

Tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who are chosen for their expertise in their particular subject areas. Tutoring is free for student-athletes.  If a tutor for a particular subject is not available, the Department of Athletics will pay for all tutoring expenses for student-athletes, as funds permit.

Tutoring and Learning Center
If extra help is needed, students can meet with a tutor on a weekly basis.  The goal is to learn eventual self-directed, independent study habits that will lead academic success. The center emphasizes that tutoring is not only a resource for those who may be struggling academically, but that it can also be utilized by those who wish to ensure continued academic success.                 
The homepage for the tutoring and learning center is located at 

The Math Lab
The Math Lab provides tutoring to UNCW students enrolled in mathematics and statistics courses.  The Math Lab offers drop-in tutoring, as well as assigned tutors for one-on-one or small group assistance.  The Math Lab helps students make the transition to college mathematics by providing:

  • tutoring for MAT 100 through MAT 162 and basic statistics courses such as STT 215                   
  • diagnostic and placement testing 
  • course specific review and problem sessions     

  •  help with math study skills and math anxiety.

    The homepage for Math Lab is located at  

Writing Center
The Writing/Reading Place offers one-on-one tutoring to all students for any academic paper across the curriculum.  The center also focuses on reading for increased comprehension and retention of academic text material.  The trained staff consists of graduate students, undergraduate interns, community consultants and volunteers.

The homepage for Writing Place is located at 

Progress Reports
The Assistant Athletic Director for Academics distributes progress reports once a semester to course instructors requesting current academic reports on student-athletes.  These reports request class attendance, current grade, and any other information about the student-athletes’ academic performances.  Progress reports are also used to see if academic support is needed in the form of tutors, the learning center, math lab or writing place for a student athlete. 

If a coach requests the Assistant Athletic Director for Academics to submit additional progress reports to instructors, these are conducted on an individual basis.

Student-Athlete Missed Class Policy                                         

The UNCW Department of Athletics is committed to the academic success of its student-athletes.  To support student-athlete academic responsibilities and obligations, the Department of Athletics monitors class attendance and the degree progress of its student-athletes.  As established by Athletic Council, student-athletes will not have more than five absences per class in a given semester for athletic travel and competition.  Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed and approved by Athletic Council for reasons related to conference scheduling, sport competition scheduling, post-season competition and other extenuating circumstances.  No class time will be missed for team practices.  Additionally, there will be no athletic events scheduled during the final exam period without prior approval from the Chancellor's Office.  Such approval is granted only under exceptional circumstances.  However, an athletic event may be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday during the exam period.

Student-athletes are encouraged to pre-register for classes as well as schedule classes early in the day.  Coaches, Assistant Athletic Director for Academics and Sport Supervisors review class schedules and recommend changes to prevent excessive and unnecessary absences.  The Department of Athletics prepares missed class forms to notify instructors of class dates that student-athletes will miss due to athletic travel and competition.  Instructors sign the missed class forms indicating awareness and approval of the missed class.  If instructors indicate a conflict with the missed class, the student-athlete will attend class if other arrangements cannot be agreed upon.  It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to satisfactorily complete any class work missed or assigned by the instructor. 

Department of Athletics Scheduling Policy  

The Department of Athletics develops team schedules to minimize conflict with the academic responsibilities of student-athletes.  The Chancellor approved priority registration for student-athletes to also help minimize conflicts between classes and athletic obligations.  Most student-athletes are able to schedule required courses during morning hours and during the off-season to significantly reduce potential conflicts between classes and athletic schedules. 

The Department of Athletics adheres to the NCAA policy for not missing classes due to practices and every effort is made to schedule competition with the least amount of class time missed.  Through the Student-Athlete Advising Center, missed class letters are prepared and forwarded to faculty, who have student-athletes enrolled in their classes, of dates when student-athletes will miss class due to scheduled competition.  Should there be a conflict between an instructor's expectations and athletic competition, the student-athlete will adhere to class demands.

In the preparation of competition schedules, coaches make a good faith effort to prepare schedules that provide an optimal balance between missed class time and competition.  Scheduling flexibility is somewhat limited at times due to conference schedule obligations.   Coaches complete a "Proposed Declaration of Playing & Practice Season" form that is reviewed by the Director of Compliance, Associate Athletic Director for Business, the Sport Supervisor, and the Deputy Athletic Director/SWA.  An important focus of this review is the number of missed classes associated with competition.  Competition schedules are revised, as necessary, when there is an excessive number of absences.    Additionally, the Athletic Council reviews the number of missed classes per semester and approves schedules according to the Student-Athlete Missed Class Policy. 

Missed Class Forms
Student-athletes will be given Missed Class Forms to present to their instructors during the first week of class to notify of upcoming class days that may be missed. 

Student-athletes are required to attend all classes. There are no additional absences beyond the absences for athletic competition.  Missed Class Forms are provided to instructors early in the semester to inform of classes that student-athletes will miss due to travel and/or competition.  It is the student-athletes' responsibility to make up any work missed for athletic participation.  Any absences that are not excused will be reported and may result in athletic ineligibility.  Class attendance is mandatory.  If an instructor does not agree to class absences for athletic competition, academic responsibility takes priority.

Summer School Scholarships

Student‐athletes who received athletic scholarships during the previous academic year may request summer school assistance by completing the "Summer School Assistance Application Request" form with all attachments and signatures affixed to be turned in to the Director of Compliance by April 1 of that academic year.

To be eligible for consideration, the student‐athlete must:

  • meet the criteria for summer school assistance per NCAA regulations;
  • present valid reasoning for the summer school assistance request;
  • have supporting documentation from the head coach for the request; and
  • present evidence of academic progress made during that academic year.

Summer school financial assistance is awarded based on funds available. The Director of Athletics will have the discretion to waive the criteria for summer school assistance, due to mitigating circumstances and will have final authority for approving all summer school assistance requests, pending the Office of Financial Aid's approval.

Summer School Scholarship Request for Academically Ineligible Student-Athletes

At the conclusion of the spring semester, student-athletes who are academically ineligible per NCAA and/or institutional requirements have the opportunity to apply for summer school scholarship to regain eligibility for the Fall semester if they meet the criteria stated above.  Summer school applications must be submitted to the compliance office within 48 hours of final grades being posted.  Requests will be reviewed by the Athletic Department's summer school scholarship committee (Asst AD for Compliance, Asst AD for Academics, Associate AD for Business and Deputy Athletic Director) with the Director of Athletics having final authority for approving summer school requests, pending the Office of Financial Aid's approval. 

Study Hall
The study program is designed to assist student-athletes in developing their study habits essential to academic success. The program consists of day and evening study sessions and tutoring sessions.  All first-year student-athletes (transfer students included) and student-athletes earning an overall GPA below 2.25 or below are required to participate in study hall. Student-athletes that have earned above a 2.25 GPA may be required to participate in this support program based on the team academic rules. If you are required to participate in study hall, you must be present for at least 10 hours per week in structured study hall.

Attendance is reported daily to the coaching staff. Study hall is open Sunday through Thursday 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM and Monday through Friday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM in Randall Library. Study hall is open in the Golden Hawk Room in Trask Coliseum Sunday 4pm-9pm, Monday-Thursday 10am-10pm and Friday 10am-2pm. Additionally, coaches may monitor their student-athletes’ study hall sessions.  If a student-athlete violates study hall requirements, he or she will become ineligible for practice and competition until the academic deficiency is satisfied. If the student-athlete is in violation, the following penalties are assessed:

  • 1st violation: Warning.  Must make up hours if deficient. 
  •  2nd violation: Suspended from all team activities for ONE WEEK.  Make up hours if deficient.
  • 3rd violation:  Suspended from all team activities for the remainder of the semester. 

 Additional Support Services for Student-Athletes
 The Department of Athletics is committed to providing comprehensive academic support for students-athletes. The following university resources are available and free of charge to any student:

Laptop Program: Student-athletes are allowed to check out laptop computers for work on projects and papers when traveling to away competitions. Laptops are distributed on a first come first serve basis and priority is given to student-athletes in season. Student-athletes are responsible for returning the laptop within 24 hours of returning from their away competition.

Computer Labs: Computers and printers are located throughout the University for student usage.  A valid student I.D. must be presented to access these labs.

Disabilities Services: The University provides support services for students with disabilities (including learning disabilities if the student has official documentation).
Counseling Services: Professional counselors are available to help students meet the challenges of college life. The services are confidential and can assist students with personal issues.
Career Services:  This center assists students in their preparation and search for meaningful and satisfying careers. They maintain current lists of employment possibilities, invite recruiters on campus, and sponsor job fairs.