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UNCW is a place where students begin a new phase of their life in the areas of athletics, academics and personal interests. The University offers student-athletes the best of college life, with faculty, staff and coaches more than willing to help each individual become successful. 

The term “student-athlete” embodies the vision of the Athletic Department at UNC Wilmington. Each individual is a student first and an athlete second. The relationships developed with coaches, professors and staff will assist student-athletes in reaching their highest goals at UNCW and after graduation.

 What We Do                                                                                           

The Student-Athlete Academic Support Office monitors the academic progress of UNCW Student-Athletes from freshman to senior year. Student-Athlete   Academic Support works hard to assist every new student in their transition to college life. The staff advises and counsels student-athletes, but the student-athletes must assume responsibility for his or her education. It is very important that student-athletes attend class, utilize study hall and make appointments with professors or advisors on a regular basis.

It is the goal of the Department of Athletics for every student-athlete to     graduate with the degree of their choice. Advising, tutoring, counseling and workshops are readily available to help student-athletes reach their academic potential and become all-round individuals.

There are many programs offered at UNCW to help student-athletes connect with their life ambitions. Time goes by quickly, so it is important to take advantage of these opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.

Student-Athlete Academic Support strives to assist every student-athlete in his or her pursuit of making satisfactory progress towards a degree, uphold the academic integrity of the Department of Athletics and the University, abide by all institutional, CAA and NCAA rules and regulations and prepare student-athletes for the challenges they will face after graduation.

  Student-Athlete Academic Support Staff

Melissa Hunt
Assistant Athletic Director
for Student-Athlete Support Services 
(W) 910-962-3001

 Victoria Simonoff
Learning Specialist
(W) 910-962-2775

Will Libous
Academic Coordinator
(W) 910-962-4179

Shannon Pease
Academic Coordinator
(W) 910-962-7530