WILMINGTON, North Carolina – Students mingled with the UNCW men’s and women’s basketball players and coaches over free ice cream while the popular Cash Cab made its return Wednesday as Midnite  Madness festivities continued.

The event signaled the second day of Midnite Madness week, the annual string of excitement that announces the arrival of basketball season.

 “We like to do this to show students that our basketball teams are just like them, a part of the student population,” said Adell Harris, head women’s coach. “We represent the university and student body on a different stage, but we want to encourage the students to show support for us at home.”

Students flocked to the colorful ice cream truck, draining the freezer an hour and 15 minutes before the giveaway was scheduled to end.

“It has to be a record,” said Rob Brickels, director of Seahawk Sports Marketing. “We burned through 600 pieces of ice cream in 45 minutes.” Brickels organized the event to spread the word about Midnite Madness Week.

Kim Tingley, assistant women’s basketball coach, grabbed boxes from the truck and took laps around the Amphitheater lake to relay the message. Every few minutes she returned to the truck, proudly holding out an empty box and asking for another.

“Look at this, free ice cream,” Tingley said, jumping in the middle of a group of passing students. “Now you guys come out to Trask this Friday for Midnite Madness. Support your basketball teams, and remember what this ice cream was like on this hot day.”

“We’ll be there,” a group of students responded as they gobbled down ice cream sandwiches.

Crossroads, UNCW’s Substance Abuse and Education Program, helped the teams promote the season by running the Cash Cab, where students took a golf cart cruise with Crossroads members and answered questions for a chance to win Midnite Madness key chains and T-Shirts. Crossroads members asked students if they wanted a ride to their destination, then asked them questions related to substance abuse and the university.

“We support the basketball teams and sponsor Midnite Madness every year,” said Dan Faulkenberry, a peer educator for Crossroads. “We like to show students that there is a safer and healthier alternative to going out and partying every weekend. Basketball gives students the opportunity to come and celebrate the Seahawk community in a safe, healthy environment, whether they are playing or participating.”

Festivities resume Thursday at 11 a.m. with another event at Wagoner Dining Hall. Attendees will get to play games and win more prizes as Midnite Madness Week moves closer to the big day.

UNCW Midnite Madness Week Schedule

Tuesday, October 1 

 11 a.m.

ACE Event at Amphitheater
Help us kick-off Midnite Madness week at this event where you can win an official Midnite Madness t-shirt.

 Wednesday, October 2 

11 a.m.

Ice Cream Social
Get FREE Ice Cream from men's and women's basketball players and coaches on The Commons.

Cash Cab
Join Crossroads and members of the basketball teams on the Cash Cab for a chance to win
a FREE Midnite Madness T-Shirt.

Thursday, October 3 

11 a.m.

Event at Wagoner Dining Hall
Play games for a chance to win an official Midnite Madness t-shirt

Friday, October 4 

 7 p.m.

Women's Soccer vs. Towson
Get your official Midnite Madness T-Shirt (While Supplies Last)

9 p.m.

Trask Trek
Meet at The Village Clubhouse and walk to Trask Coliseum with Basketball Teams (Trek Map)

9:30 p.m.

Midnite Madness
Performances by Sammy C. Hawk, UNCW Dance Team, Cheerleaders and Pep Band
Contests for Prizes
Team Introductions
Team Shooting Contests
Slam Dunk Contest
Other Surprises

11 p.m.

ACE Fan Jam on Hoggard Lawn
FREE Food, Fun and Music