WILMINGTON, North Carolina – Nearly 200 donors answered the call early Thursday when UNCW Athletics and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) partnered with the American Red Cross to conduct the CAA Blood Challenge at Trask Coliseum.

The 12th annual event took place from 9.a.m-2 p.m. and included participants from the campus and community. A total of 188 productive units were collected by Red Cross officials.

The CAA started the event in 2002 to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation. The nine CAA schools compete for the most donors and the winner receives a trophy.

UNCW’s goal for this year was 250 units of blood.  The conference-wide program was a success last year, raising 4,613 units, and aims even higher this year. Since 2002, CAA schools have raised a total 36,719 units, saving more than 100,000 lives.

The Red Cross needs 1,600 units of blood a day to service North Carolina hospitals. Blood is used to help accident victims, and many others with various illnesses and disorders. People’s lives rely on the generosity of blood donors.

UNCW has donated a total of 1,898 units of blood since 2002. The highest amount of donors was 257 in 2009.

UNCW Blood Drive Totals:

9/11/02                     138 units collected
9/11/03                     190 units collected
9/16/04                     174 units collected
12/1/05                     127 units collected (rescheduled)
9/26/06                     174 units collected
9/24/07                     196 units collected
9/18/08                     201 units collected
9/24/09                     257 units collected
9/23/10                     253 units collected
9/22/11                     188 units collected
9/20/12                    181 units collected
9/19/13                    188 units collected