Dear Parents:

On behalf of the Athletic Training Staff, I welcome you to the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Department of Athletics. We are excited to work with your son/daughter as a student-athlete at UNCW for the upcoming year. Enclosed you will find important information regarding the health care of our student-athletes. Please read this information carefully, fill out the appropriate forms, and return them as indicated. Please use the attached checklist to ensure all required documentation is included in the return envelope. It is important to retain this letter throughout the year as it explains our policies regarding the health care of student-athletes.


Each new student-athlete is required to have a physical examination by our team physician prior to participation in intercollegiate athletics at UNCW. These pre-season physicals are scheduled between the Director of Athletic Training Services and the Team Physician. The final decision on physical qualifications or reason for rejection is the responsibility of the Team Physician. The Team Physician is also the final authority on determining a student-athlete's return to practice or competition following an injury or illness.

Healthcare Insurance Mandate
Because the student-athlete, parent or guardian is financially responsible for all medical treatment received from sources other than our athletic trainers, all student-athletes are required to have a basic healthcare policy which will be the primary source of payment for all medical treatment. This may be insurance students bring with them (family, employer, etc.), insurance they purchase through UNCW, or a combination of both plans. If you are interested in the insurance offered through the UNC system, it is available by visiting

Important Paperwork:

Please click on the links below for all necessary paperwork that must be filled out prior to the student-athlete coming to campus. Please fill out these forms and return them by July 1, 2013. Student-athletes will be withheld from athletic participation and preseason physicals will not be provided until all forms are complete.

To assist our physicians in reviewing the health status of all new student-athletes, we ask parents and their son/daughter to take a few minutes and complete the enclosed Health History form(s). Please be thorough, it is imperative that all medical procedures, injuries, and conditions are noted.

It is also important to have each student-athlete read and sign the enclosed Acknowledgement of Responsibility and Risk Agreement. This form is located on the last page of the Health History form and explains many of the potential risks associated with participation in intercollegiate athletics. (Note: this agreement is not to be confused with the "Assumption of Liability and Responsiblity Agreement" you will sign with the Office of Student-Athlete Insurance.

Please read over the enclosed information regarding Sickle Cell Trait testing in athletes and complete the Sickle Cell Trait Screening Form. If you know you have been tested, please enclose the test results.

There is also a letter regarding NCAA changes in ADHD medications and student-athletes. If your son/daughter is currently taking any medications for ADHD, please read this letter and begin the process outlined.

On behalf of the Athletic Department, thank you for your cooperation in these important matters. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Scott Hill, MSEd, LAT, ATC
Director of Athletic Training

Student-Athlete Insurance Questions? Click here for OSAI.

Newcomer Student-Athlete Forms

Athlete Demographic Sheet
Documentation Checklist
Health History Form
Medication Summary
Parent Letter for ADHD Medication
Sickle Cell Testing Information