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2011-12 Seahawk Club Brochure

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Aid Association (Seahawk Club) is to support, strengthen and develop the intercollegiate program at UNCW by raising funds to support athletic scholarships.

New in 2011!  We have changed our giving levels and the donation structure for season tickets.  Please take a moment and read our 2011 brochure complete with a Trask seating diagram and giving levels.  (Please note that all sections of Trask will be 3 digits. 100's for lower level and 200's for upper levels - former section 18 will now be 218).

Important dates for the Seahawk Club 2011-2012


July 2011 - Seahawk Club renewal statements mailed

August 2011 - Basketball season ticket renewals mailed

September 2011 - Re-seating begins

October 2011 - Deadline for priority season tickets

November 2011 - 50% of Seahawk Club donations must be paid

December 2011 - All donations to the Seahawk Club must be paid in full by Dec. 31


January 2012 - Calendar giving year begins

January 2012 - 2012 Seahawk Club renewals mailed

Febuary 2012 - Membership drive begins

May 2012 - Reminder statements mailed

July 30, 2012 - 50% of all donations to the Seahawk Club must be paid

August 2012 - Basketball season ticket information mailed

October 2012 - Deadline for season tickets

November 2012 - All donations must be 75% paid before season tickets can be mailed

December 2012 - All donations must be 100% paid


Q. How does the per seat donation requirements work with our benefits? 

Here are some examples for you read:

Example:  John Doe plans on joining the Seahawk Club.   He wants to sit in sections 103 or 104.  The per seat donation requirement is $600 per seat.  John would like to buy 2 seats.  John's donation will need to be a minimum of $1,200 - if he has the priority to sit in these sections.  John also wants to have access to the Golden Hawk Room.  He will need to donate an additional $800 to be a part of the All-Conference level.  John's total donation needs to be $2,000. 

Example:  Jane Smith is a Seahawk Club member - she wants to buy 4 seats in section 217 (which was the old section 17).   The donation requirement is $200 per seat.  Jane will need to donate $800 to have the opportunity to purchase those seats.  Jane also wants to have a parking spot in the Silver lot (if available).  To have access to those parking spots she needs to be at the Super Seahawk Level. Jane will need to donate an additional $200 for a total of $1,000 to cover the seating and parking. 

Example:  Sammy was in section 24 last year.  He wants to move to section 220 (formerly section 20).  Sammy gave $200 last year but understands the minimum donation required for section 218 is $400 per seat.  Sammy buys 5 seats. 

The Seahawk Club is looking to upgrade our website - look for more information in 2012!

Please contact us if you ever have any questions:

Office Location:
Nixon Annex, Southside of Trask Coliseum

Mailing Address:
Seahawk Club
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: (910) 962-7737 | Fax: (910) 962-3002


Patrick Ransdell - Sr. Associate AD/Executive Director of the Seahawk Club

Anthony Eifler,  - Assistant Seahawk Club Director

Patrick Spach - Assistant Seahawk Club Director

Katie Stowe - Assistant Director for Member Services

Elizabeth Overton - Donor Relations and Event Management